Are You Adding Years to Your Face?

By Paulo Basauri

BeautyAudio: We found this article interesting and to the point on some simple strategies to preserve your outer beauty. It also contradicts a popular opinion on facial exercises…

We are always told that we can’t stop aging, but what if it is you who is contributing aging signs in the first place? We live our life day to day, applying creams to be always healthy and young but we fail to avoid the things that make our skin look old. If you want to stop the effects of years on your face, here are some things that you can do – or things that you can control.

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The Acupuncture Facial – Beauty From the Inside Out

By Michele Fry

BeautyAudio: We found this article about facial acupuncture that explores an alternative to facelifts and botox for restoring the beauty of your skin. Collagen production is vital in maintaining the moisture and elasticity of our skin. According to this article facial acupuncture may help to restore some of the body’s ability to produce it.

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Anti Aging Skin Care – Beauty At Any Age

By Gisele Brosnan

BeautyAudio: This is a great article for showing you some clear steps on how you can preserve your beauty. It highlights 7 steps to take to fight the effects of aging specifically for your skin.

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Download YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty By Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz in Audio Book Format

There are, in fact, scientific standards to beauty. Beauty is purposeful, because it’s how humans have historically communicated who we are to potential mates….

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