Listen to What’s Age Got to Do With It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life (Unabridged) Written By Robin McGraw On Audio

What’s Age Got to Do With It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life (Unabridged)

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Category: Beauty&Grooming
Publisher: Oasis Audio
Author: Robin McGraw
Length: 5 hours and 58 min.
Retail Price: 26.99
Download Price: $18.89
Abridged – Unabridged: unabridged

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Most women dread the thought of getting older. They’re led to believe that once past a certain age, the greatest goal is avoiding wrinkles. In a culture gaga over beauty and youth, women hear the implicit message “You are past your prime.” But New York Times best-selling author Robin McGraw is here to say that is absolutely not true!

In What’s Age Got to Do with It?, Robin reclaims what it means to be, act, and feel young, showing how to live a vibrant life of meaning and satisfaction at any age. Diving into subjects like identity, relationships, lifestyle choices, and many others, Robin takes you on a high-energy ride to living like never have before.

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