Listen to The Age of Anxiety: A Guided Meditation for the Financially Stressed By Mark Forstater On Audio

The Age of Anxiety: A Guided Meditation for the Financially Stressed

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Category: Alternative Therapies
Publisher: Mark Forstater Productions Ltd
Author: Mark Forstater
Length: 42 min.
Retail Price: $6.57
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Abridged – Unabridged: original_staging

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We live in a time when millions are experiencing severe anxiety due to financial problems. Faced with the nightmare of losing your job or your home, and mounting debts, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with fear and to find yourself unable to cope.

This meditation is designed to help. It’s suitable for beginners as well as experienced mediators, and is very easy to do. It will put your mind and body into a very calm and relaxed state, will help to soothe your nervous system, and will increase mental clarity and give you more energy.

The meditation gives you mental and spiritual tools you can use to deal more effectively with your financial problems and not let them freeze you in fear. Remember: You can deal with your problems, and you can solve them.

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