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Prenatal Relaxation (Unabridged)

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Category: Diets&Nutrition
Publisher: Yoga 2 Hear
Author: Yoga 2 Hear
Narrator: Sue Fuller
Length: 41 min
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Abridged – Unabridged: unabridged

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Prenatal Relaxation consists of two separate easy-to-follow 20 minute sessions that are suitable for use throughout the entire pregnancy and the first stage of labour.

Both sessions use carefully selected yoga breathing exercises (pranayamas) combined with simple and effective visualisation and relaxation techniques. One session is performed in a comfortable seated position and the other is performed whilst lying down. The techniques used in the sessions will deeply relax body and mind and will help to naturally relieve many of the common symptoms experienced during pregnancy such as nausea, fatigue and disrupted sleep. In addition the sessions encourage mum-to-be to focus on her growing baby. It is this focus that will help to create a magical bond between them.

The sessions are devised and narrated by Sue Fuller. Sue is widely recognised as a leading yoga teacher and writer. She is the resident yoga expert at Natural Health magazine and is the author of the British School of Yoga’s Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Sue is a mother of two and has used her extensive knowledge of yoga combined with her own experiences during pregnancy and labour to create these sessions and make them as practical and effective as possible.

The clear instructions in each session are combined with subtle background music tracks to set a mood perfect for deep prenatal relaxation that will make a real difference to both pregnancy and labour. A printable PDF guide book accompanies the sessions; it highlights the instructions and provides reference photographs for each position used.

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