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Personalizing Pilates: Men (Unabridged)

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Category: Exercise&HealthyLiving
Publisher: Personalizing Pilates Inc
Author: Sherry Lowe-Bernie
Narrator: Sherry Lowe-Bernie
Length: 37 min.
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Abridged – Unabridged: unabridged

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If you walk into any Pilates class, the vast majority of the clients are women! Somehow, men have not yet gravitated to Pilates, even though a man developed it. Well, have your guy try my Personalizing Pilates: Men workout – it’s not for girls! It’s a challenging, full-body strengthening workout that will show him that Pilates really is a great way to work out!

The exercises I’ve included will help with his flexibility (guys are so tight from all those sports and weight-lifting), will sculpt his arms and shoulders, and will challenge his abs in a whole new way. The Personalizing Pilates: Men workout program includes three files. First is the Ab Tutorial, which is a short workout that teaches you how to find and engage your deepest, supportive abdominal muscles. These muscles are important because they support the spine and flatten the tummy!

In the workout, my voice guides you through a full-body workout that strengthens just about everything from your nose to your toes!

This workout was created by and is taught by Sherry Lowe-Bernie, owner of Personalizing Pilates. Sherry is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, which means that you are working with one of the best Pilates teachers you can find. Sherry has over 10 years experience teaching Pilates and over 25 years teaching fitness.

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