Listen to I’m So Alluring: A Guided Meditation to Increase Your Feminine Charm By Ronnie Ann Ryan in Audio Book Format

I’m So Alluring: A Guided Meditation to Increase Your Feminine Charm

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Category: Alternative Therapies
Publisher: Wetware Media, LLC
Author: Ronnie Ann Ryan
Narrator: Ronnie Ann Ryan
Length: 22 min.
Retail Price: $4.17
Download Price: $4.17
Abridged – Unabridged: original_staging

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Do you feel desirable? Are you aware of your allure as a woman? Do men notice you?

Your feminine charm is your unique power as a woman. It’s your divine right and is coded into your DNA. That means every woman has her own special allure. Yet you might not feel connected to this part of yourself. There are many reasons this happens, from building your career, to family dynamics and personal history. Women sometimes lose sight of or suppress their true feminine nature. And this is a shame, because without your charm, it’s very difficult to attract the loving man you desire.

This visualization audio program will help you bond with Venus, the ancient Roman goddess of love, and wake up her archetype within you. After listening to the program, you will begin to feel more attractive and see yourself as a desirable woman. Reconnect with your divine feminine self to feel more confident and radiate a warmer persona that will heighten your appeal to men.

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