Download Conquer Depression and Anxiety: Depression and Anxiety Help, Self Hypnosis, Subliminal, Self Help (Unabridged) Written By Erick Brown On Audio

Conquer Depression and Anxiety: Depression and Anxiety Help, Self Hypnosis, Subliminal, Self Help (Unabridged)

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Category: Alternative Therapies
Publisher: SDH Productions
Author: Erick Brown
Narrator: Erick Brown
Length: 5 hours and 18 min.
Retail Price: $20.99
Download Price: $20.99
Abridged – Unabridged: unabridged

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Are life’s circumstances making you feel like there’s no hope? Are you overcome by feelings of helplessness when faced with life’s problems? Have you lost pleasure in and enthusiasm for activities that you once loved? You are not alone. Depression and Anxiety are exhausting and very serious mental states, but you don’t have to live like this forever. You can get depression and anxiety help through Hypnosis!

By using the “Conquer Depression & Anxiety” Hypnosis Collection, you will be able to train your subconscious mind to overcome the feelings of pessimism, hopelessness, and sadness that depression and anxiety feed off of. Depression symptoms such as insomnia and crying spells and the crippling feeling of anxiety no longer have to be part of your life. With the “Conquer Depression & Anxiety” collection, you will find the strength to break free of depression and anxiety, and discover how you can live a confident life full of happiness and pleasure.This powerful collection combines state-of-the-art audio hypnosis tracks by Hypnotherapist Erick Brown, with supplemental tracks that will help you to achieve your goals with total ease and confidence. It is suggested to listen to “Conquer Depression & Anxiety” for 21 days in a row to yield the best results.


  • Recording 1: Hypnosis Instructions
  • Recording 2: “Conquer Depression & Anxiety”
  • Recording 3: Bonus Track: “Self Sabotage”
  • Recording 4: Alpha Beat Session
  • Recording 5: Beta Beats Session
  • Recording 6: Delta Beats Session
  • Recording 7: Theta Beats Session
  • Recording 8: Calming Brainwave Therapy
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