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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World Award

BeautyAudio :  We found this article recently where writer Michael Allen attempts to list the beautiful women in the world.  It shows quite a range of choices both blonde and brunette.  Your list might be very different which is the point we at BeautyAudio want to make.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is not always a physical thing.  I hope to gather more photos of the actresses mentioned in this article.

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6 Keys to Beauty

By Linda Chase

BeautyAudio:  This article is a popular article that we wrote that was distributed to some article directories.  It proves that there is great value in covering the basics of beauty.  Even when they seem obvious the trick is to put in the work and stick to your beauty regiments.

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Male Grooming Tips for Men – A Top 10 Grooming Guide for Men

BeautyAudio: Grooming and beauty tips are not just for women. More men are taking their appearance more seriously. This article offers some basic tips to help you not only look your best but feel your best. Being stylish exudes confidence and that is definitely sexy.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture Takes Whole Body Approach To Facial Rejuvenation

BeautyAudio: We thought this article was interesting because it goes beyond the facial acupuncture discussion and into a more holistic use of acupuncture for cosmetic purposes. It cites studies effectiveness and talks about whether or not you are the right candidate for cosmetic acupuncture.

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Top Anti-Aging Creams for Women Over 50

BeautyAudio: I confess I am an Olay person from way back. My mother used it and they have come out with so many more advanced products since then that even when I stray the Olay product line is my fallback. This article identifies some other anti-aging creams for women over 50. I believe everyone skin and their circumstance are not the same whether they are over 50 or not. The earlier you start using moisturizing creams the better off your skin will be as you get older. Anti-aging products have increased significantly because of the aging population and advances in the science of skin care.

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Celebrity Beauty Secrets II

BeautyAudio: We absolutely love this article. Amy covers a wide range of celebrity beauty secrets and mentions the products involved. One basic tip that flys over most people’s heads is the use of more than one foundation. I think my 7 year old is the only one in my circle that has flawless skin and even she has different shades around her face if you look hard. The toned skin section highlights the latest skin tightening and anti-aging naturally occuring ingredients that are being used in products that the celebrities are gravatating towards. She adds some information on hyaluronic acid…

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Natural Beauty Tips For A Beautiful New You

BeautyAudio: We like this article because it highlights the fact the beauty truly does start from within. Natural beauty whether you are in your 20s or over 50 is maintained and developed by a healthy diet and exercise regimen. What you eat does effect the main components of your outer beauty like your skin and hair. It also effects your inner beauty too though because toxins that drag you down lead to a less energetic, less vibrant you. These natural beauty tips show that beauty does not have to be tied to the latest beauty product…

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Be a Beach Beauty with These Sun Worthy Makeup Tips

By P. Williards

BeautyAudio: As we gear up for summer these makeup tips should be kept in mind as we head off to the beach. Something that this article does not talk about that should be considered is the effects of the sun on your beauty. It does advise you about making sure that the makeup you use should include SPF 15 protection. Let’s face it though, nowadays you shouldn’t walk out the door without a facial moisturizer that at least includes that. Clumpy, heavy makeup not only will be bad for keeping your beautiful look at the beach it can also clog your pores. Lighter makeup is definitely a must at the beach. Use the least amount that you feel comfortable with and not only will you be a beach beauty but a beauty for years to come…

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Beauty Sleep

BeautyAudio: BeautyAudio: Many people think I look young for my age and they want to know whether I have a special beauty secret. The truth is I was blessed with a life where I was able to get my beauty sleep pretty regularly. If you compare my life to that of my sisters, you would see that they had their children earlier in life. Children combined with today’s hectic lifestyles definitely make for a bad sleep recipe. This article give some tips to getting the most out of the sleep you can get.

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Is Beauty Past 40 Possible?

BeautyAudio: BeautyAudio: As you enter your 40s you experience many changes. Your metabolism slows down and if you were used to eating whatever you wanted without gaining weight you may find yourself suddenly gaining weight. This may effect your perception of your self beauty. This article emphasizes how maintaining your outer beauty requires more effort as you age.

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