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BeautyAudio: BeautyAudio: Many people think I look young for my age and they want to know whether I have a special beauty secret. The truth is I was blessed with a life where I was able to get my beauty sleep pretty regularly. If you compare my life to that of my sisters, you would see that they had their children earlier in life. Children combined with today’s hectic lifestyles definitely make for a bad sleep recipe. This article give some tips to getting the most out of the sleep you can get.

By Kadence Buchanan
People suffer from extremely busy days that usually lead to extremely ‘busy’ nights. Instead of going to sleep, the vast majority of today’s working professionals select to do something else, like watching TV until the early morning hours instead of sleeping properly, due to stress and anxiety problems. But, one should keep in mind that sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Having a good night’s sleep is just as crucial to maintaining wellness as is following a healthy diet and performing the proper amount of exercise.

Apart from being a healing process, sleep is also an invigorating one. Researchers examining the human brain while asleep have found that it is cycling through three stages of sleep; light, deep and REM. During these stages the human organism gets restored, it rejuvenates and it also becomes stronger. In addition, the human immune system gets recharged, as cells grow and repair themselves, and the human body conserves energy that will be needed later while a person is again awake.

Unfortunately, due to the heavy schedules and the daily problems people have to face, many do not value their bodies’ sleeping needs. Nowadays, as everything stays open later than in the past, many individuals select to sacrifice their night’s sleep for another dance at the local club, a late-night movie, a work project due or a few more hours of exercise in the gym. Instead of investing this time available to sleep and provide to their organism time to heal, people prefer to do other activities that seem more important or interesting. What they may not realize is that lack of sleep takes a toll on their mental and physical well-being. According to various studies, like the one the National Sleep Foundation performs frequently, even minimal sleep loss has a profoundly detrimental impact on mood, cognition, performance, productivity, communication skills, accident rates and general health status. Thus, it is important for people to know that for optimal functioning throughout the day, the average adult needs between seven to nine hours of sleep during the night.

But, some people lack their normal sleeping patterns not because of choice, but due to a condition. Million of people worldwide for example, suffer from insomnia today. For these people, using medication-whether based on a doctor’s prescription or not-is crucial to aid their night’s sleep. Thus, if one suspects that the problems she or he has sleeping could be linked to a health condition like insomnia, it is imperative to visit a doctor’s office, if the following tips do not bring sleep back into their lives.

– Avoid caffeinated food and beverages, like coffee, teas, chocolate, and soft drinks, for at least three hours before bedtime. Instead try a cup of warm milk.

– Exercise regularly, but do not perform any workout before bedtime for at least three hours.

– Check the mattress and be sure it supports your whole body. Flip it periodically.

– Develop a ritual before bedtime and perform it daily. Warm baths, reading, listening to soft calming music, are some of the things that can relax your mind and let it rest.

– Sleep in a quiet and comfortable room. Noise, light, temperature can reduce your sleep duration and quality.

– Go to bed and wake up the same time every day. When your sleep cycle has a regular rhythm you will feel better.

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