Be a Beach Beauty with These Sun Worthy Makeup Tips

By P. Williards

BeautyAudio: As we gear up for summer these makeup tips should be kept in mind as we head off to the beach. Something that this article does not talk about that should be considered is the effects of the sun on your beauty. It does advise you about making sure that the makeup you use should include SPF 15 protection. Let’s face it though, nowadays you shouldn’t walk out the door without a facial moisturizer that at least includes that. Clumpy, heavy makeup not only will be bad for keeping your beautiful look at the beach it can also clog your pores. Lighter makeup is definitely a must at the beach. Use the least amount that you feel comfortable with and not only will you be a beach beauty but a beauty for years to come…

Getting ready for a day at the beach should be simple and that includes your makeup routine. While the heavy makeup that you may use for a night out on the town or for the long sunless winters works well, the beach is a whole different world. Beach makeup should be light, fun, protective, and waterproof. If you’re hitting the waves soon, follow these tips for makeup perfection.

  • Eyes: Nothing looks worse than a beautiful face masked with running black mascara. Unfortunately, the beach is one of the prime places for this makeup disaster to transpire. Between the blistering temperatures, the ocean, and the pool, your bound to have moisture of some type ruin your makeup. This makes the number one beach makeup must have water proof mascara. If you don’t have waterproof mascara you’re better off just going without it and preventing the dreaded raccoon eyes.
  • Lips: Leave the bright color lip sticks at home and swap them out for some sheer lip gloss that encompasses your natural beauty. Regardless of what you choose to cover those lips make sure it’s ready to protect you from the sun. Choose lip glosses, sticks, and balms that offer SPF 15 protection. The salt water and dry air often found on the beach can also take a toll on your lips by removing moisture from them so make sure you choose something with added moisturizers.
  • Your Skin: beach makeup should be light and ready for whatever the day may bring your way. Since you will be in and out of the water or perspiring due to the super hot temperatures, you may want to limit the amount of foundation and cover up you use and stick the bare essentials. Even though you need little foundation, especially once the sun starts to paint your face with that bronzed glow, you do need to pay a little attention to your delicate face. Make sure to moisturize your face daily. Look for moisturizers that offer that necessary sun protection. SPF 15 is generally the lowest you should go especially if you have fair skin that is prone to freckling and burning.Even though your skin routine should be simple while sitting beach side, when you go out for the evening you’ll want to glam up. Take advantage of the color the sun has left on your face and use translucent powdered in the areas you need them most like your t-zone . You can also use a bit of blush to really bring that beach goddess out. Be sun savvy and make sure your makeup matches your tone and only use it to bring out the glow not to cover it.
  • Hair: Few things on the beach are kind to your hair. T he salt water and chlorine can leave it begging for moisture and the breeze can leave you in desperate need of a brush. Keep this in mind when you pack your hair accessories and make sure you have plenty of conditioner, hair ties to pull back those beach worthy tresses, as well as a hat for those days you just can’t win the battle with your messy mane.

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